What Is the Ornish Diet?

Developed in 1977 by Dr. Dean Ornish, is an American physician and clinical professor of medicine at UCSF, with the aim of improving overall health and quality of life, It is a vegetarian diet designed to provide calories in the following ratio: 70% carbs, , 20% protein, 10% fat. The diet includes vegetables, fruits, soy products, non-fat dairy, egg whites and whole grains. Prohibits all types of animal protein and also limits sugar consumption but does not require the consumption of specialty foods. Alcohol is allowed on moderation, the Ornis Diet allows you to drink up to 2 ounces of alcohol daily.
Ornish Diet Food List

Ornish Diet Food List

This diet, is a very low-fat, no animal proteins are allowed, some fish (Cod and Halibut) is included very High in Omega-3 fatty acids.

The Ornish diet food list includes Beans and Lentils, fruit, vegetables, nuts & seeds are higher in fat, whole grains and foods are high in beneficial carbohydrates. This vegetarian eating plan ideal for heart health and weight loss.

Fish & Meat
Whole Grains
Nuts & Seeds
Beans and Lentils
Health Benefits Of The Ornish Diet

Pros and Cons of the Ornis Diet