What Is the Volumetrics Diet?

This diet allows you to eat as much as possible to lose weight! How? Because of the heat density.
Caloric density (CD) is the number of calories (kcal) provided per gram (g) of food. It is therefore expressed in kcal/gram.

Foods to Avoid on a Volumetrics Diet Plan

To lose weight without dieting, you can bet on a volume diet. Its particularity: The slimming effect has nothing to do with the quantity of food. By choosing foods with low caloric density, the volumetric diet can lead to weight loss.
Volumetrics Diet

Volumetrics Diet Food List

Vegetables and beans include low calorie density foods. Low energy density foods are actually rich in water and fiber. You can increase the amount of water and dietary fiber in a meal by adding vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Fish & Meat
Whole Grains
Lean Protein
Dairy Products
Health Benefits Of The Volumetrics Diet

Pros and Cons of th Volumetrics Diet