Weight loss methods do not work for everyone and must be individualized. For anyone who has the goal of losing fat, maintaining muscle and maintaining performance, we offer a slow but steady weight loss plan to keep you at peak performance.

To lose weight in a healthy way, a healthy lifestyle in terms of diet and especially exercise is highly recommended. To help you lose weight, you can turn to weight loss supplements. These are real boosters that will help you get in shape faster.

Weight loss: intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting has become a new way of eating. It was less restrictive than other diets and quickly found a following. However, according to the latest research by American researchers, it is not the best way to lose weight.

what is intermittent fasting?
Intermittent fasting or intermittent fasting is a way of eating that consists of alternating periods of fasting (deprivation of food) and periods of normal eating.
Intermittent Fasting Benefits
  • Weight loss
  • Heart healt
  • Thinking and memory
  • A reduced risk of cancer
  • Improved brain health
weight loss intermittent fasting

Burn more fat than you accumulate

To lose weight, the equation is simple: reduce your caloric intake while increasing your energy expenditure. So, while exercise can help you burn calories, there’s a chance your efforts will be in vain if you’re eating poorly. The idea is not to take responsibility (eating 4,000 calories of fast food every now and then doesn’t hurt), but to focus on foods that help you lose weight, recover well and build muscle.

Regular exercise to lose weight

These dietary principles are even more effective when combined with regular physical activity. Needless to say, one hour of jogging per month has a negligible impact on your balance. Losing weight through exercise does not happen overnight. It has to be long-term.

These portions will be adapted to each individual:

  • 3 portions of fresh fruit, as varied as possible.
  • 3 semi-skimmed dairy products (plain yogurt, 20% fat cheese, etc.).
  • At least one raw vegetable, with as many variations as possible.
  • All-you-can-eat cooked vegetables for lunch and dinner.
  • 3 portions of starchy foods (one portion at each meal).

Your sports program

Our sports trainers are trained to offer you a specific slimming program according to your age, your physical condition and your physiology. Do not hesitate to make a request. For experienced athletes who like to work on their own, here is an example of an exercise program to lose weight:
  • Develop cardiorespiratory fitness on the elliptical (20 minutes)
  • Practice squats and leg pulls
  • Strengthen your upper body with dumbbell exercises
  • Stretching
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